Contentedness in the Time of Coronavirus

Written by: Kimberly Hunt

Ordinarily, I dance five days a week. I go to North Idaho College four days a week, and attend high school classes online, and work at least two days a week.

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Día Internacional de la Audición y Alexander Graham Bell

Escrito por: Melody Bertrand and Gayla Guignard

El Día Internacional de la Audición se celebra el 3 de marzo, en el aniversario del nacimiento de Alexander Graham Bell. El Día Internacional de la Audición es una iniciativa de la Organización Mundial de la Salud que centra la atención internacional en los problemas relacionados con la pérdida auditiva.

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World Hearing Day: Alexander Graham Bell’s Legacy

Written By: Melody Bertrand and Gayla Guignard

World Hearing Day is on March 3, the same day as Alexander Graham Bell’s birthday. World Hearing Day is an initiative of the World Health Organization that brings global attention to issues about hearing loss.

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Experience New Possibilities on the Hearing Journey: A Sneak Peek

Written By: Elizabeth “Eli” Gaffney

As part of its Cradle to Career Initiative, AG Bell has been connecting its state chapters with its corporate partners to deliver exciting Community Learning Expos. This event is for families of children who are deaf and hard of hearing who use cochlear implants or hearing aids,

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Scholarships Change Lives

Written By: Lisa Chutjian

Over the years, AG Bell has helped college students like Daniel in many ways, including learning how to communicate with roommates, asking professors to use microphones, and seeking accommodations that enabled them to succeed.

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